by rachelshane

Oh hey there.

Sorry I missed my birthday blog. Had full intentions of writing, but then that weekend was the craziest ever with my church giving away free cheese curds, mini donuts, etc. Excuses, excuses…I am sorry Erica Reiners – the only person who probably noticed.

This past year has been the best/worst of my life. I won’t go into overwhelming details, but will highlight the past 6 months. I planned a large wedding in 4 months, got married, bought a house 3 days later, unpacked for a few days, and left on a two week missions trip to Rwanda only two weeks after our wedding. We came home, finish moving and learned how to live with someone of the opposite sex. There were many tear-filled nights of joy and of stress. We are both grateful we will never have to go through all of those events in such a short time again.

Our life is unique, and it gets even stranger.

My sweet husband is lover of all that is simplistic and radical. This past month he started reading Jen Hatmaker’s book “Seven” (which I read over a year ago), and decided he wanted to start doing her challenges.

The book “Seven” is Jen’s attempt to do seven different fasts to repent of excess, have a more accurate viewpoint of consumption, and of course – grow closer to God.

September 29th, conversation around 7pm:

Michael: I think we should do the seven food fast for the month of October

Rachel: No.

Michael: I am going to.

Rachel: “Insert one hundred complaints and excuses to not do this fast.”

The thing is, I make all of Michael’s meals, so by him doing this, I felt a bit forced into it. I also felt guilty about being so whiny initially about a fast. So basically from a little bit of prayer, guilt, and personal force (Michael would say he never forced me into it, so I guess I forced myself), we decided to give it a shot.

So on October 1st Seven commenced in the Cheney household.

This month we are eating only the following:

  •  Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Sweet potatoes (I eat regular potatoes as well because day 4 I swore I would never eat another sweet potato again)
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Apples

We only drink water (NO COFFEE WAHHHHH), and can use olive oil, salt and pepper. Seriously, my rant against sweet potatoes is mainly because I can only eat them with cinnamon and marshmallows, duh.

The first two days were the worst. Sugar deprivation and caffeine headaches made me one lovely person to be around. I kept thinking, “Why are we doing this in our third month of marriage? Does Michael want to have a crazy wife already?!”

By day 3 things were much better. Michael and I have felt really good by filling our bodies with only natural foods without tons of added sugar, preservatives, or things I can never pronounce. Imagine that!

I think (not promising) I want to blog a bit throughout this, so here we go.

One lesson that has sunk deeply into me – through this fasting from all things tasteful, I have such an increased awareness of all other blessings in my life. On day 3 while daydreaming about deep-dish pizza (which literally happens at least 6 times a day), I forcefully stopped my mind for wanting something that I was not going to have. I looked around my house and just stared at the things that reveal how blessed I am. I have 2 couches, a seven piece kitchen dining table, 8 kitchen appliances in my view, two bedrooms, a bathroom that produces HOT showers (to the praise and glory of God says everyone who has ever been on a missions trip). I have the BEST husband ever! Like seriously Michael is the best and I majorly win. I have a bucket load of sweet girl friends that I can call every day if I so please because I have a phone. And right now most of them live in my state, which is also a blessing. I have a closet and dresser full of clothes. Etc. etc.

I am overwhelmingly blessed with the privilege to have the amount of possessions and people that I have in my life. Even my house – Michael and I always tell people, “Oh we just got a small townhouse.” But really, in comparison to how SO many people in the world live, our house is a mansion. Like we have 2 bedrooms with only 2 people living here. In Haiti it isn’t uncommon for 10 people to live in one room. And that room is also the kitchen and living room.

God is teaching me to be more content with what I have through cutting out some excess in my life.

This fast has been so encouraging in other areas of my faith, so I hope to share with you more later….if only I can stop meal planning for November 1st. #waffles #bacon #pizza