All Sons and Daughters

by rachelshane

I cannot express enough how much I love the music of All Sons and Daughters. I think I have been listening to them everyday for the past four months. Well, maybe not everyday, but close.

All Sons and Daughters are two worship leaders that got together to write songs for their church family. Their albums are the fruition of their songs for the church.

They have two EP’s out. Buy both of them. I am serious.

Here are a few videos for you to hear and get hooked.

This is actually a video from the last baptism service we had at my church, Renovation Church. You should first watch this video because the baptism footage is awesome, and you should feel compelled to come to my church. But this post is still to share the music of All Sons and Daughters, so take note of the awesome song playing throughout the video. That is them.

Paul Baloche is actually wrote and is leading this song, but All Sons and Daughters have this song on their  second EP, and this is currently my favorite worship song. David and Leslie (the members that make up All Sons and Daughters) are the other worship leaders in this video. Churches – play this song.

This video is of the song that made both EP’s, Reason to Sing. Super beautiful, both the song and Leslie. Leslie – please tell me where you got your awesome hat that you always wear. Please.

Okay now. Go to the itunes store. Type in All Sons and Daughters. By their music. Be productive today.