Ben Rector

March is such a great month. Such a great month.

I am going to see in concert Andrew Ripp, Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Gungor, Needtobreathe, and some other sweet concert that my friend is bringing me to, (I forget the name at the moment).  But obviously it is a great concert month.

Ben Rector is opening for Needtobreathe.  I have known about Ben Rector for a long while. To me Ben has always been one of those artists in my mind that I have said, “yeah, I will listen to him eventually, after I get through the other 4 albums I just bought.”

Wrong logic. Go buy all of his music now and put it to the top of your listening list. I am not even kidding.

In my efforts to convince you to buy all of his music, I am going to lead you through the same process which made me an avid fan.

First, watch this music video.

Then watch this music video.

Then go here and get some free samples of his music. You will then realize that his music is even better than the covers above.


Then go on itunes and buy all the other songs that he has recorded.

Then listen to everything on repeat.

Finally comment my blog thanking me for making your life better.

You’re welcome.