Boldness is actually easy.

by rachelshane

Hey there.

Last Friday I led worship for this conference called Anchored In The Word. It was a real legit thing. Anyways, one of the speakers was a Professor at Bethel Seminary, and he described a class assignment he did.

Now from the results I am going to share, he did not clarify how many years or times that he has done this assignment, so there could have been 40 people or 400 people that have done this, but I don’t really care.

The class assignment was for each student to ask someone to have a spiritual conversation with them. With whoever they spoke with, they could not of had a spiritual conversation with before. I am pretty sure those were the only rules. I think (I wasn’t super into the example until after he said it) he guided the students to just say something like, “Tell me what you think about God” or “Would you say you are a spiritual person? What do you think about spiritual things?” He encouraged the students to just ask people a simple question and listen. And you know what happens when you do that? People talk for a while, but then they feel they are rude, or they get curious to what you think, so they ask YOU the same question! And then you can answer it! And share the gospel. Easy.

He said that he was told of at least 20 people who came to a relationship with Jesus from this assignment. Like I said, I don’t know how many people have done this assignment, but really, at LEAST (cause we never see the full fruit of anything) 20 people got saved from just taking time to ask someone a question and hear them out.

Come on now, that’s easy to do.