Rachel Shane

Month: October, 2011

Living and Active

This month I had to learn how to play a little bit of mandolin, and basically have not stopped watching Chris Thile youtube videos or daydreaming about being in a bluegrass band.

I basically want to post this video on all of my friend’s Facebook wall, so I thought I should just post it here. Since I play viola, I GREATLY enjoy playing in quartets. I love playing with other musicians to listen to what they can do, and to enjoy the sounds that I cannot make by myself.  Just like people were not made to live alone, musicians were not meant to play alone. So enjoy this FANTASTIC bass, cello, violin and mandolin quartet.

Other than that, I have been having such sweet quiet times with God.  I wanted to write a quick thing that I have learned about my attitude in reading the Word.  Daily I read my Bible, and right now I am just going straight through the Old Testament.  It has taken me forever because I get “bored” with the Old Testament and then jump up to the New Testament for a few days.  I read through Ezra really quick and starting blowing through Nehemiah not really caring about what I was reading.  Praying after I read the Word, I felt convicted about not reading those books with much interest or reverence.  Then I found myself arguing with God.  I felt God pressing on me to read those books again, but I fought back saying that stuff isn’t really important for my life right now.  I reread them again anyways (cause I have learned life works better if I do what God tells me to), and slowed down.  I have a study Bible and I took time to read all the notes.  I realized I was once again SO wrong.  Even though the Word sometimes talks about historical events that happened thousands of years ago, it is still the Word of God, living and active.  There is still so much God can speak to me through it.

Example: In Nehemiah 8, Ezra gathers the Israelites all together to read them the Book of the Law of Moses (which was most likely the first 5 books of the Bible). In verse 5-6, Ezra opens the book and all the people stand in respect of the Word. They then immediately worship the Lord with their faces to the ground.

I am ashamed by reading that and having the attitude I expressed above.  These people gather together to hear the word of God, and they immediately worship, and later on are weeping because they realize they are living so far off from how God wants them to live.

How BLESSED I am to have the Word of God to read at anytime.  How incredible this Book is for being able to teach, convict, comfort, and challenge me. The Word is living and active.  I just want to encourage anyone if you are reading the Bible and finding it blah-zay to do whatever it takes to change your attitude. Buy a book to help explain the Word to you. Start memorizing it.  Write it down yourself.  Download an audio Bible and listen to it.

Or another cool way to get into the Word – make a point to see all the ways it connects.  If you look on the inner side of the Bible, there are most likely cross references, where you can see how the word supports itself in other parts of the Bible.  An incredible aspect of the Bible is even though it has so many different authors, it is so obviously inspired by God for how well it references other parts.  Here is a picture of how much the Bible cross – references itself.  How sick is this?

Recognize how valuable the Word of God is.  Do whatever it takes to become a person who is excited and anchored in the Bible.



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