John Mark McMillan

by rachelshane

You know that popular worship song “How He Loves”?  The David Crowder Band did not write that song. Kim Walker did not write that song. John Mark McMillan wrote that song. And his version dominates the others. Just sayin’.

Now I got that off my chest, John Mark McMillan is so, so great. I am going to actually see him live in a few weeks, which I am happy about, because he is on the list of “10 bands I need to see live before I die”.  Yes, I have one of those lists. You should too.

You should by his album “The Medicine”, and then get his other album called “Economy” on November 1st. John is one of my favourite artists because:

1) He is a great musician – well, I am pretty sure he is great musician, but that is only based off all the youtube videos I have seen. I will be able to confirm this in a few weeks when I see him live.

2) He is great at writing lyrics –  “The Medicine” album lyrics are phenomenal. If you hate his music, at least just read his lyrics. I reckon it’s worth your time.

3) He is an authentic person – from reading his blog and watching youtube videos of him just talking, he seems to have stayed a real, passionate, man of God.

4) Two words – Epic Beard.

And don’t just listen to these videos, watch them. They are also great.