by rachelshane

So it’s my birthday today. Birthdays are great because basically it could be a terrible day, but overall, the day isn’t that bad, because it is your birthday, you know what I am saying? And I can use run-on sentences, cause it is my Birthday :).

Anyways, wanted to share something on my heart today.

These past two days there has been much rejoicing in my life.

Yesterday was my last day working at Mercy Hospital, and for all of you know even know me a little, know this is a happy thing.  I am a person who only has 2 jobs now! I am not going to work 60 hours a week again, or wake up at 3 am., or make hundreds of phone calls with no results anymore.  I am real real happy.

Moving a different direction, in November 2008 I was attending Concordia College, and on a Monday night 6 of my friends and I got together to worship, and pray for a revival on our campus.  We faithfully got together every Monday, worshipping and praying, and inviting people to join.  After I graduated the group of students continued to meet and pray.  Last Monday, this group met for the first time of this school year, and there was approximately 400 people there!!! This is something to rejoice about and praise God!! How awesome!! God is moving in huge ways on that campus!

Another story, for the past year I have been working at Renovation Church. We as a church have also been praying and working for God to move in our Church and in the city of Blaine.  Last spring God started moving drastically and our church grew to 200 people. We currently meet Sunday mornings in a gym, and don’t have much more chairs for people to sit in, so this Sunday we are starting to have 2 services at our church!! How awesome is that?!

I am blessed to see God moving in so many places.  In these times we should keep working like crazy, but also rejoice. We should be excited for what God is doing.

Romans 12:11 says, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord”.

It is really easy to be excited about God and ministry when I see Him moving in so many ways.  But I really want my attitude and actions to reflect that verse no matter what ministry/job I am a part of looks like.  Even if I end up in a super frustrating job again (which the hospital was), I never want to be lacking in zeal for the Lord.  Even if our church stopped growing (which is unlikely, but just if for the sake of this sentence), I am going to continue to serve the Lord just as passionately as if we were.

No matter if I am 22 or 65, I want my passion for Lord to never decrease.  The more I get to know Him, the more I love Him, and the more passionate my heart is about God. He is good, no matter what season. How sweet is that?