Call of Duty

by rachelshane

Hey friends!

Look at me, blogging all the time. How cute.

Well I know you were all in fear of me being alone too much this weekend, but no need to fear, I think one of my married couple friends saw my blog, took pity on me, and invited me over.  They are great people!

Anyways, most of you know that I work at a sweet church called Renovation Church, but most of you (my sweet blog readers) do not attend, because I think most of my blog readers live in Fargo…anyways.

I think I am going to start posting on Sundays or Mondays something that I learn from Renovation each week. I am learning so much here and I would like to share it with you, cause it is good stuff. Better than what I can come up with.

I actually got to sit in the service today (Wahoo!) and the sermon series we are going through right now is called  “Call of Duty”.  Pastor David Sorn is impressing the simple truth that there is a spiritual war going on in life right now, and it is the most important battle in life. We as Christians need to step it up and get involved in this battle. It has been challenging in all the right ways, so you should listen to the sermons here.

I wanted to share two pictures that David talked about this past Sunday that have been running through my mind often.

The first picture he said was [not verbatim], “Imagine if you built a hospital, and then invited all the healthy people in the surrounding cities to come lie down in the beds.  That is what people are doing with church. We have this place to help save people, but all we do is invite our christian friends who live in other cities that are already saved”.  Touche, David.

Then he started talking about how sometimes Christians are always focused on just becoming a “better Christian” and doing things like reading the Bible 30 times, leading a Bible study, being a children’s ministry volunteer, going to take some theology classes, and basically just work on one’s holiness.  Those are not bad things, but David was trying to paint the picture of this – “now imagine you are in heaven, with all your spiritual certificates and accomplishments to show God, but the places where your friends and family should be standing next to you are empty”.  Um, also convicting, David.

This series has been so good for our church just to remember the REAL spiritual battle going on.  In America I believe that Satan has developed people to believe in this form of naturalism, where no one believes there is a spiritual world, and the only things that are real are what we see in the natural.  The result of this has created more non-believers, and lazy Christians who have lost sight of the purpose in life.

As Christians we are ALL called to fight in this spiritual battle. We are fighting for people’s eternal destinies. And truly, it is a short battle in comparison to eternity, so really, come on. Give it all you got.

It is also good to remember that God conquered all sin not with strength, wisdom, power, or anger; but with love.  This is how we are also called to fight in this battle.  We will only win if we fight by sharing, showing, and living out the love of Jesus Christ.