Simple Truths.

by rachelshane

I may be the weirdest person ever.  Whenever I feel like I am really desperate for God to move in something in my life, I fast about it.  For the past few weeks when I am praying I have felt so desperate for God to move in SO many things in my life that I have told him many times “I think I am going to have to fast forever for all of this to happen.”  God’s voice has been really loud in my life the past month, and really simple.  He told me that I didn’t need to basically starve myself for Him to move through situations in my life (yay cause I really like food).  He simply told me this:

“I know Rachel. You can trust me.”

And then I feel better for about 5 minutes, and then I start freaking out again and bring something else up to God, as if He probably didn’t remember that situation in my life.  Then He told me this:

“Rachel, I created the universe.  I can handle it. You can trust me.”

And even though I have sweet friends to talk about all my situations in life, I was praying and telling God that no one understands how I feel. And then God told me this:

Rachel, I am listening to you all the time! I know how you feel! Trust me!

Then tonight I met with a friend and we were talking through the difficult things in life, and we just stopped, remembered that God has never NOT been faithful to us, and that we probably need to stop worrying about these tough situations.

Reading through the gospels, I have noticed lately that Jesus fought off temptation many times by simply stating who the Father was.  Jesus knew the simple truth of who God the Father is, and from only that fact, he was able to resist all temptation.

Also, we can learn from Jesus that life is really tough as a Christian. But we will be in heaven some day, and that will be sweet. Simple. Truth.

So basically, this blog is really simple, but timeless transcendent truth is not something I am going to come up with. But I can remember simple truths in life, such as:

God is my Father who loves me.

I can trust Him.

There is nothing that God doesn’t understand.

He is faithful.

He is listening to me.

And that helps in tough times, which is life.