Hey friends!

I know. I haven’t blogged. I am not going to even apologize, because you probably won’t believe that I am actually sorry. The good news is, I have 3 drafts that I am actually going to post, so they should be vomiting out shortly, and they will be more serious than this one, but I wanted to share an experience.

I have many best friends, but my dear friend Lauren has a place in my heart that no one can take.  She has endured the most from me. She has seen me in my darkest hour and happiest moments. Normally she feeds me and tells me how pretty I am, so it is naturally easy to like her.  One night, Lauren took a twist and decided to push my buttons. Here is how the night goes. She blogged about this event as well, and she has an incredible food/photo blog, so you can see her version of this story plus other great things here .

My dear Lauren is away for the whole summer at camp, but  a month ago she came back to bake a cake and be part of a wedding.  I naturally came over to her house after the wedding to try the cake she made. I had a terribly long 11 hour day at the hospital, so I was happy ending my day sitting on Lauren’s couch, eating phenomenal red velvet cake and smiling at her pretty face.

Then she had the terrible idea of putting on dresses and going to a carnival and taking pictures Okay. Seriously, who even comes up with that?!  None of these three ideas sounded good to me. I was tired, didn’t want to be in a dirty place, and I had been up since 3 am, so I looked quite haggard.

If there is one thing to learn about Lauren and her family, they are strong willed.  She won. And there went two hours of my life, full of awkward stares by awkward people looking at me while I stood in Lauren’s dress and Lauren’s heals, trying to not smile, standing by rides at a carnival.

Um, may the paragraph above define the definition of awkward?!!

Yes, I did complain.  I felt terrible, because Lauren was enjoying herself so much, so about a half hour into the photo taking I realized I had to suck it up and not really think about what was actually happening in that moment.  I wish I had the confidence that Lauren has. She doesn’t care about being the “strange group” in a yard full of carnies.

Below are a couple of the pics she took. She is talented and artsy and I love her.  And she wrote nice things about me in her blog, and since I am a words of affirmation person, I basically even have positive connotations actually about the whole experience now.

But still, that was so awkward.