Rachel Shane

Month: June, 2011

Being in the now.

Hey there.

Starting blogs seems so awkward to me. Should I acknowledge you and say hello or go immediately into my thoughts? But I want you to know I am thinking a bit of you when I write this. I think about you so much that I am working on not having run-on sentences. That’s right – feel the love.

Anyways, I wanted to share a funny story.

Last Friday I went to my friend’s Julie and Dillon’s wedding.  I was running sound for the wedding, and during the dinner rehearsal Dillon spent a lot of time talking to me making sure I knew when and how to start/stop the music.  I was very appreciative, but was thinking that he should be more focused on his job, since he had a much bigger role than me!  The next day I showed up to the wedding an hour early, and it was in a beautiful outdoor garden.   All the girls in the bridal party were in a room hanging out, but I felt as though I should stay outside to be available for any sound stuff.  Outside I talked to a few of the guys in the bridal party, but eventually just ended up talking to Dillon again.  When it was 15 minutes before the wedding, Dillon, a nice musician named Mark, and I stood in the back as people filed in. This was the first time I hung out with a groom before their wedding. I have been with many brides right before, and it is usually full of questions asking her how she is, trying to keep her calm, praying for her, etc.  My experience with talking to a man before his wedding was SO opposite.  Dillon talked about how hungry he was, so sent Mark off to find a granola bar for him 10 minutes before the service.  He then pointed out his friend that he was going to try to set me up with, and I respond to him “Dillon! This is your day! Not mine!” And he replies with a goofy grin, “Rachel, it is your day too!”.  I was so perplexed.  Not by him trying to set me up, but that he didn’t seem to be shaken or really thinking much about what was going to happen 5 minutes from that moment.  It was as if we were just making short talk after a Sunday morning church service.

Now do I think Dillon was too calm? Yes. And he probably was thinking about what was going to happen in 5 minutes, he just wasn’t talking about it. But it made me analyze how I think, and I am so guilty of thinking WAY too much about the future. I am always thinking about what’s gonna happen next.  On the way to work I am planning what I am going to do after work.  While at work I think about what I might be doing in a year.  After work I think about what I will do the next day.  Of course, there should be a balance, I need to plan some things ahead of time.  But really, I want to be more like Dillon, and just have my mind in the moment.  Enjoy the hour for what it is.

At the same time, as a Christian, I am called to not only think about the moment though. This is where things get tricky.  I want to also always live my life with eternal perspective.  This means taking each moment, and asking two questions:

1. Is this moment going to really matter in the perspective of eternity?

2: What can I do to make this moment count in perspective of eternity?

If I really had an eternal perspective at all times, I think it would actually be easier to just live and be in the moment.  If I was not thinking about the future so much, I wouldn’t miss what was happening now, and all the opportunities that each moment may have to make eternal impact on others.

I am going to work on being in the now, since that will make greater impact than me thinking about what will always happen next.


Say what?!

Hey friends!

I am drinking fancy coffee right now, therefore, I am hyper.

What have I done so far this summer?

Well I got a huge rug burn on my elbow.

And I have worked about 50 – 60 hours a week.

I saw the Twins lose a game.

I have been to Fargo multiple times for weddings, and always visit Concordia….and take a nap on Olin Hill.

I learned three new swing dancing moves with Anthony.

And I have actually been reading.

I need sunlight.


Music is great because no two people can make any song sound exactly the same. Each time a person plays a song, it is different from anybody else.  Some are better than others, but no one could truly say which version of the song would be the best.  My piano teacher told me something great today; she said, “Rachel, no one can play a song perfectly until they get to heaven.” How true is that?

Anyways, I have lately been youtube-ing some of my favorite songs and just listening to different versions.  I like to sit and try to guess why the artist changed the original to their new rendition of the song.  Some people remake the songs, and it becomes my favourite over the original.  But one can truly never “dis” the creator.  If it wasn’t for them, there would be no song.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you some sweet versions of one song.  This song is called “In Christ Alone”. It is fairly common among Christians from being played in many churches and also on the radio.  The song is respected by so many, because usually when played, it almost feels as though it were a hymn written in the 1700’s. The song was actually written in 2002.  People of all ages seem to enjoy this song, which is rare in Christian music today.

I first fell in love with this song with this version I heard on the radio.  I really respect Adie Camp. She is an incredible musician.

Adam Young from Owl City’s version is making this song popular again.  I was really surprised the first time I heard this.  This song is so stripped and simple compared to most of his other music.  I am really happy that he recorded this though.

My new favourite is Bethany Dillon and Matt Hammitt’s version.  And no, it is not because Bethany Dillon is one of my favorite artists.  And yes, I truly hate the terrible guitar tone in the very beginning. But after the first minute I can’t help my head bobbing and smiling. I encourage you to give this version a shot.

And then there is just simply the song in worship.  With people passionately singing and their hearts meaning every word.  I led this song at the last “Remedy” at Concordia College. I am excited to share this with you.  I blogged about the Remedy long ago, but this obviously shares a taste of what it felt like.  The only lights you see where the piano and violin’s players for their music stand (and sadly you can’t even hear the piano player in this recording). We kept the room black so hopefully no one and nothing could be a distraction.  The powerpoint machine we had to use that night was a little sketchy, and we were in a gym, and there was a huge pole along the side of the wall, so that is why the powerpoint flashes, and looks strange.  There is nothing great about this performance (we NEVER practiced), but that wasn’t the point. The great thing about this recording is you feel and can hear people’s excitement in the song. And I used a free version of a program to condense it and put it up here, so that is why there is the huge #wondershare thing on it. Good thing there isn’t much to see anyways.

My favourite lines –

No guilt in life, no fear in death

This is the power of Christ in me

From life’s first cry to final breath

Jesus commands my destiny