Dave Barnes

by rachelshane

Dave Barnes has been one of my favorite artists since 10th or 11th grade.  He defines his style of music as blue-eyed soul, which is from his roots of growing up in Mississippi.  There is a growing pop feel on his later albums, which I feel is affected by him now living in Nashville. I feel like his music has tastes of many genres, such as soul, pop, country, and maybe disco? :)

Last Friday I saw him play at Bethel University.  I left his concert thinking “Wowie, I stink at guitar”.  He is such a GREAT musician.  I am challenged to get better  at playing after his concert, which is a great thing.

I have never left a show with my cheeks slightly hurting from smiling and laughing the whole time.  Dave Barnes is not only a phenomenal musician, he is a stand up comedian. Between every song he told an incredibly funny story about the song, or tried to teach the song, which he somehow made a laughable experience.

Below are a few videos of why Dave Barnes is great and why you should listen/love him like I do.

Every year Dave Barnes makes “Christmas Extravaganza” youtube videos where he has a latino accent and sings Christmas songs terribly. Below is one of them, but I recommend watching all of them on a day when you are sad. They will make you happier.

Dave Barnes is great because he does things like this in his shows.  This is at the Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis.  So fun.

Dave Barnes writes MANY great love songs. The last wedding I went to my friend had three Dave Barnes songs in her wedding. I was so happy. Maybe you don’t think this is a great reason to like Dave Barnes, but I am a girl, so it is a great reason.