1 Year Ago

by rachelshane

One year ago today was my last day working at Caribou Coffee. I think it was also the last time I played at Chi Alpha.

Two days later I left Fargo for the cities.

One year ago I had no jobs. No plans. My graduation plans were ruined 3 weeks prior.

It is sweet to look back on this past year.

In one year, He has blessed me with friends, a church family, and a ministry to pour into.  He blessed me with three jobs. He blessed me with being able to spend time with my family again.

God has also pushed me greatly and there has been so much growth in my relationship with Him.

I think the biggest thing God has been working on me this year is my reducing my large amount  of selfishness.  I have been learning how “me” focused I have always been, and still am.  It has been a humbling year.   God really opened my eyes to things that I even thought were not selfish, but actually were.  I feel like I have been really learning how to give up all my  selfish wants and desires to God, trusting in Him and what He is doing in my life.  God has been fashioning in me a pure heart in my service for Him.  And it is really hard to always love others more than yourself.  Sometimes my heart loves others better than myself, but my actions don’t show it, and other times it is vice versa.  When I don’t love other people greatly with my heart and actions, I am usually then selfish and not like Christ.  I want to have a selfless, pure, servant heart like Christ. I am not there yet, but definitely a few steps closer than last year.

Also, in three days it will be my 1 year anniversary going to Renovation Church regularly.  This church has been the biggest blessing to my life since moving to the cities. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you probably should.