Life and Death

by rachelshane

This has been perhaps the most bipolar week of my life.

This weekend my family was supposed to go to Wisconsin for Easter, but I work at a church so I was just going to stay home and maybe impose on my best friend’s family. This is sad, yet happy, because my family would be happy in Wisconsin, and I would be happy with friends, but sad to not be with family.

Then a family-friend got killed in a car accident this week, so everyone is now here. Super sad event, but now I am not alone? And now I get to see my beautiful 2 month old cousin from Arizona for the first time.  Obviously there is no equality in this situation, but I am glad to see my non-immediate family.

Then I partook in Good Friday service, focusing on death. I had a legit quiet time that day about it all too, and it was super sad, but yet happy, because his death is the greatest gift that I will ever receive.

Tonight  I went to a wedding, which is the start of something new and lively. Then came home and my dog ran into this bolt thing and made a foot long cut on her side, and I am scared she will not make it through the night. We brought her to the ER for dogs and they did surgery, but she is just sitting next to me crying. Have you seen a dog cry before? It is the saddest thing ever. She won’t die, but I feel like she will.

And I will be celebrating Easter in a few hours, my favourite holiday, celebrating life.

My heart is  more overcome with sadness right now, but despite that, it has been great to just be forced to remember this week the most important thing – Jesus.  Despite trials or tribulations, or even extremely happy things, I always want my attention, spare thoughts, and drive in life to be about Jesus.  I never want to get off track of the mission God gave me in life, to share about His love.  And I think I learned this week that no matter what happens, I can never say that I am not blessed. Because by the sacrifice of Jesus, I have received eternal life.  That is the biggest blessing, and anything else is just insane.  And even when people you love die, I could never be mad at God. He died for me.

And what happened over 2000 years ago on this holiday, has not only given us life, but also hope.

Scatterbrained, I know. But it is 1 a.m.

Happy Easter friends.