by rachelshane

Yes people, it is Spring.

I don’t even know if Spring should always be capitalized, but I am going to make it so, because it is just that great.

Spring is my absolute favourite season.  For 6+ months our eyes have been subjected to seeing only gray and white, and now color comes! How my dreary eyes have missed the blues and greens that only nature can conjure up.

How I enjoy being able to go outside and actually breathe the air, in comparison to running to my car and shuddering from the frigid air.

And no. more. treadmill. Why hello neighbor’s dog who always charges me while I run past your house, nice to see you again.

If I could organize my music collection in any way, it would be in seasons.  I think all music sounds more like a season.  Which brings me to this song.

Actually, this Spring blog will be a tribute to the incredible Jon Foreman.  Jon Foreman is great, and if you ever say otherwise, you are wrong.

Jon Foreman is most known as being the lead singer/guitar player in the band Switchfoot, but I tend to listen to his Season EPs the most.  Why yes, Jon is so great that he also realized how music sounds different in each season, so he made 4 EPs to share this.

His Spring EP may be my favourite of them all, and his most popular song from the EPs, “Your Love Is Strong” is off of this one. But I decided to share with you a less popular song off of that same EP.

The connotations in this song are exactly what my heart feel, and the lyrics run true for the season of Spring as well. Spring is the season for seeds to be sprung and dead things to come back to life.

May this be true in all things this year.