To Forget

by rachelshane

I am terrible at remembering things.  Remembering names, remembering directions, remembering simple words (seriously), etc.

This weekend was a TERRIBLE weekend for me and forgetfulness.

First, Saturday night I made 3 plans with different groups of people. On purpose? No. Because I forgot I made plans with all of them? Yes. And when did I remember? When I had 3 people texting me Saturday morning when was I going to come over on Saturday night.

Then this morning I gave announcements at church, which I only remembered as I walked out of my house to church, which I was running late for, so I forgot to print and practice my announcements, and the effects of that were greatly seen this morning (I forgot to breathe again while giving announcements).

And then I forgot that my friend had a baby shower after church, even though I had multiple email reminders, and so right after church I went to Target and got her a gift card, which is a lame baby shower gift, but I obviously had no time, because of my forgetfulness.

And then I forgot to turn in my work time sheet, so I am going to get paid late.

Then at church we were challenged to not listen to music in the car this week, and I was really excited, and what did I do when I first got in the car? That’s right – turned on music. Thankfully I remembered during the first song and turned it off, but I was like “Seriously Rachel?! You just decided 20 minutes ago you weren’t going to listen to music in the car, and you already forgot?!”

And I probably forgot something else too, but I simply don’t remember.

Right now I am reading through the old testament, and I very easily get upset at the Israelites.  Continually God saves them, and shortly after they forget, and start worshiping other idols.  I like to always think that if I was in their situation, I would never forget what God had done, but I started pondering today, “Why did the Israelites always forget?”  Of course I don’t know, I am sure they had temptations, and obviously the enemy is trying to pull away their attention to God, but perhaps too, after a while, they just got too much into their own lives and forgot God.

When we forget things, we always look like fools.  That picture is painted on the Israelites, and I experienced that feeling when asking my pastor if he had a copy of the announcements.

How can I get better at not forgetting? Do I need a smart phone with a great calendar? I would like that. But really?

I need to get better at remembering the tasks in my daily life. I know if I do some minor adjustments, that is simple enough (like looking at my planner more often than once a week to see my work schedule).   I know I need to stop going through the day so fast, and take some time to actually think and simply remember.

I also don’t want to be a fool and forget the things that God has done/is doing in my life.

After the baby shower while driving home and not listening to music, I was able to pray for my friends at the shower, and thank God for the great community He has given me in my church.  Having time to be quiet and think upon that, I remembered 9 months ago, when I knew practically no one in the church, and I was asking people I barely knew to hang out with them on 4th of July, because I had no one else to be with. And now I left a party in which I was invited to, and where some of these women are now my closest friends.

I am blessed, and thankful, and I don’t want to forget. I encourage you to take time in solitude this week, praying and thanking God for what He has done in your life, never forgetting how he brought you through and out of the difficult seasons in the past.

And take some time this week to give me creative hints to remember things better. :)