Shane and Shane with Bethany Dillon

by rachelshane

I got introduced to Shane and Shane when I was in 9th grade by my great worship leader Seth Ehorn. Shortly after that he also introduced me to Bethany Dillon.  These musicians are definitely my stable in music.  I listen and stop listening to many musicians, but I will probably listen to these people for the rest of my life.

I remember the first time listening to Shane and Shane’s album.  I kept thinking about how their voices were SO weird.  Kind of girly.  But now they are in my top 10 of most respected musicians, and I think their voices are incredible.   Also, they were definitely the changing factor in me hating my middle name to completely embracing it.

Bethany Dillon was basically who I wanted to be growing up.  I think she is like 6 months older than me and she has 5 CDs. GAH!! She is also married to one of the Shanes and has a baby.  Our voices actually sound quite similar. The best way to put it is to hear my voice, think twice as good, and then you get the voice of Bethany Dillon.

This is a youtube video of them doing one of my favorite worship songs by Shane and Shane.  Such a good song in this season of lent/ Easter.

I hope you are blessed as much by this as I was. Don’t judge by the terrible video camera guy.