New Years Resolutions

by rachelshane

So the other day I sat down and thought about making New Years Resolutions.  I have never really done them in the past, nor do I think they work.  When I thought about it though, it seemed like something that I needed to do.  As I sat down I quickly made 5 resolutions.  All of these things were basically things I felt like I was failing in my life and seriously needed to get better at.  There was the typical work out resolution, along with keeping car and bedroom clean and writing more songs.  As I started writing out exact plans of how I could make this happen, I stopped and re-examined my goals.

As I looked at my goals, I thought, this is it? These are the only ways I want to change in the year 2011? Then the silly scenarios fled through my mind.  I actually achieved all my goals, but in October I end up dying and going to heaven and talking to God.  When God and I are talking, he goes over with me my last year in life.  “Rachel, what did you accomplish?”  I think I would be so embarrassed explaining my focuses of the year.  And the problem I see is not even that my goals are too little, they are too selfish.

So I am creating new goals.  Basically, to be more focused on the MAIN goal in life, to tell others about Jesus.  I am establishing plans for this goal only.  Smaller goals I can also work on achieving this year would to be more giving and less self centered.

I want to focus on things that are eternal, and not let everything else get in the way so much.