Rachel Shane

Month: January, 2011

Use Your Strengths

Hey friends,

Wanna hear something funny? Usually when I write blogs, I write them after I work at the hospital, so I write them around 1 a.m., and then usually I think to myself, “It is after 1 a.m., probably whatever I just wrote is ridiculous”.  So then I save the blog, to read it in the morning to see if I should post it, but 95% of the time I forget I even wrote a blog!! I have over 10 drafts written.  And after reading some of them, it was wise for me to not post them, they are super scatter brained!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you a story about my dad. My dad is amazing by the way, you have probably never met him, most of the people in my life have not, but if you ever get to, you should. He is great.

So my dad is saving people all the time. Despite from being a fireman and saving people that way, he is always in the right place at the right time.  Every few months my dad comes home and tells me of how he saved someone’s life at work or on the road or something.  Last weekend he came home with this story.

My dad went snowmobiling last weekend with a guy from the fire department.  On the way back home they needed to get dinner, and my dad knew there were 4 fast food restaurants up ahead.  My dad asked his friend where he wanted to go, and his friend continually said he did not care where they went.  My dad for some reason felt like they should go to McDonalds.  My dad said it made no sense, because McDonalds was the restaurant that was most out of the way.  He was thinking to himself, “why don’t we just stop there,” as he passed other restaurants, but something compelled him to go to McDonalds.  As they sat down and were eating, an elderly woman and a older man in a wheelchair sat across from them.  My dad and his friend got up and as they were throwing their food away, the man in the wheelchair started choking and was turning blue.  The elderly woman ran up to my dad and his friend pleading for help.  Since they are firemen, they know how to do all sorts of amazing things, like the heimlich maneuver.  My dad said that his friend did the heimlich, so officially my dad’s friend saved that guy’s life, but seriously, it was my dad who felt like they needed to be at McDonalds.  That guy may have died there, but God knew who was close by who had the skills to save him, so He directed them there.

I wanted to share this story to share with something that has been on my heart.  We as Christians should be healthily obsessed with bringing people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is not the easiest task in the world.  But God has given us each strengths and talents to use!  And I think we forget this, or maybe we don’t even know our talents.  I took on of those strengths finders tests, and I honestly thought it was going to be dumb, but it was super helpful and has transformed the way I do ministry.

God has given us physical skills (like my dad being a sweet firefighter, myself with music), and he has given us skills to connect with people even from our own personality.  I really encourage you to take the strengths finder test, and then talk to me about it, and I will tell you how you can use your strengths more.  Anyways, God wants us to use both our physical talents he has given us and our unique personalities to connect with people and open opportunities to share the gospel.  Example with the personality thing; one of my gifts is activator, which means I like starting things.  So I have taken this into my ministry, and I am continually starting new things.  Also one of my strengths is positivity, I like to make things positive. So I intentionally use this gift in the hospital where my job is really stressful.  And because of this I have won every one of my fellow employees over to love me and have talked to almost all of them about God.

Fellow brothers and sisters of Christ, let’s be focused! Let’s not fight this battle of life with sticks when God has given us swords. We need to know our strengths and intentionally use them.

The sweet thing is God will also use them when we are not even planning it, like with my dad.  But I think it is important to really know our stengths and skills, and try to use them more.

Matthew 25:15-30.  Pretty much sums it up.


New Years Resolutions

So the other day I sat down and thought about making New Years Resolutions.  I have never really done them in the past, nor do I think they work.  When I thought about it though, it seemed like something that I needed to do.  As I sat down I quickly made 5 resolutions.  All of these things were basically things I felt like I was failing in my life and seriously needed to get better at.  There was the typical work out resolution, along with keeping car and bedroom clean and writing more songs.  As I started writing out exact plans of how I could make this happen, I stopped and re-examined my goals.

As I looked at my goals, I thought, this is it? These are the only ways I want to change in the year 2011? Then the silly scenarios fled through my mind.  I actually achieved all my goals, but in October I end up dying and going to heaven and talking to God.  When God and I are talking, he goes over with me my last year in life.  “Rachel, what did you accomplish?”  I think I would be so embarrassed explaining my focuses of the year.  And the problem I see is not even that my goals are too little, they are too selfish.

So I am creating new goals.  Basically, to be more focused on the MAIN goal in life, to tell others about Jesus.  I am establishing plans for this goal only.  Smaller goals I can also work on achieving this year would to be more giving and less self centered.

I want to focus on things that are eternal, and not let everything else get in the way so much.