Hello friends.

Blogging has proved to be difficult for me. I always feel like I want to share what is going on in my life, but usually that is a long story. I wish you could come over to my house and we could sit by my fire place, drink hot chocolate and converse over life. But since I can’t really do that, I will try to share what I have been thinking about sharing with you.

This season of life continually grows more difficult, but I feel as though I am growing continually stronger.  It seems like each week something happens in life.  Someone close gets hurt, jobs change, plans fail.  But every week, every day, I am strong.  It isn’t really me obviously, because if you know me well I am a weak emotional person that can make little things a bigger deal than they really are.

There is something to be shown about being constant in reading the Word, spending time in prayer, and trying to continually be in tune with God.  Storms in life still come, but I am realizing how STRONG the rock which I am leaning upon is.  The more I realize how strong He is, the less I need to freak out, and the more I am able to be constant in Him.  And when I am still continually growing in Him, His fruits will continue to pour out of me, which makes even stronger.

Something from First Assembly that I loved so much were the older women that poured into the college girls.  They are not only so great because they share with us love and wisdom, but the are great because they are constant in their faith.  These women don’t have roller coaster faiths; are like an escalator, continually and steadily moving upwards in their faith with God. When they share their testimonies with me, about their husband being murdered, or needing to be in hiding for a year with their children, they obviously had difficulty, but they were strong!  I admire their faith, have seen the fruit of it, and desire to continually grow, in and out of pleasant seasons.

Perhaps my faith is constant in this season because I am being continually challenged, so I am needing to rely on Him daily, which keeps me close to Him.  Someday though, I will be in the happy fruitful season, and when that comes, I don’t want to draw farther away from Him because I unintentionally don’t realize I need Him just as much as I do in the valley. I know that I praise God in the good seasons, but how often do I tell Him that I still need Him desperately in the good seasons? I don’t want to be the daughter that only runs close to the dad she needs something. I want to continually be close; my faith and relationship with God to be constant, growing.