What To Do In The Winter

by rachelshane

Hey friends,

Well, if you live where I live, you are now encountering snow.  I am quite ecstatic, but I have noticed that most people are not.  So let’s try to change our spirits friends and realize all the things we can do in the winter!!

~ Sledding

~ Ice Skating

~ Skiing / Snowboarding

~ Shoveling

~  Tubing

~ Snowmobiling

~ Looking out the window at the pretty snow

~ Driving around looking at Christmas lights

~  Wear wool socks

~ Baking seems more acceptable

~ Also, playing games inside seems more fun

~ Snowball fight

~ Make a snow fort

~ Build a snowman

~ Make snow angels

~ Put up Christmas decorations

~ Not feel guilty by not going outside and spend many hours inside reading a book

~ Ice fishing

~ Walk through the snow and look at everything

And if all fails, make some hot chocolate, cuddle with your spouse if you are married, and watch something happy like A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Happy Snow Time friends.