Rachel Shane

Month: November, 2010


True statement: the one way I don’t want to die – in a vehicle.

I feel like God has protected me so much while driving, but yet I feel like I am in continual danger on the road.

I kind of live around a farm and woods, so no lie, EVERY day when I drive on the road right by my house, I see deer either in the field right next to me or they are trying to cross the street to get to the woods.  One of my biggest fears in life is hitting a deer with my car, and I seriously have to face this fear every day! Ish. But I have not hit one yet, and I have had MANY close calls, but I really feel like God has been protecting me while I drive a lot.

Here are some more stories why.

Senior year in high school:

I am driving down this road, and BOOM. My tire goes flat.  I immediately pull over, look at my tire, and then, I kid you not, 30 seconds after I stopped my car, a vehicle pulls over. Guess who comes out? Not one, not two, but 5 guys.  Which may sound actually more dangerous, but they were teenager boys, I was a teenager girl, come on, they probably thought I was cute so that’s why they stopped ;) .  They asked me if I needed help, and I exclaimed to them “Why yes! My tire just went flat and I have no clue how to replace it.”  So they did for me.  And then we got to talking and they were actually from Illinois but they were on a road trip, and so then I talked to them about God and then they came to my youth group that night! My friends and I got to hear about their beliefs, and they were not saved, but they were definitely curious and asked many questions.  Seeds were planted, and it basically worked out for everyone. I got my tire fixed, they heard about Jesus, win win :)

Second year of college:

I went home for the weekend and decided to drive up to Moorhead Monday morning since I didn’t have class till noon. It was January I am pretty sure.  I NEVER watch the weather, I simply don’t care what the weather is going to be like ever; but later I learned that was a huge mistake. Monday morning my parents woke me up at 5 a.m. telling me there is a blizzard coming to Fargo, and if I don’t leave right now I may not make it.  I grabbed all my stuff and was on the road by about 5:20.  The first half of the drive was pretty smooth. About 15 miles from Fergus Falls the storm was coming through and it was really difficult to see the road.  And then a few miles later I could not see the road at all!! It was a complete white out!!!  I don’t even think you can comprehend this unless you have experienced this, but try to picture this with me.

You are in your car, and you are looking out the window, and it looks like someone covered it with a huge white piece of paper. You slow down from 70 miles per hour to 20 miles, but you are so terrified you are going to run off the road, because you can’t see it. Or who knows, you may plow right into a car, it could totally happen, because YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!!

Oh hey, I just found a picture of what it looked like. Try to drive in this view of the road.

I truly thought I was going to die in this moment. I was screaming in my car “Jesus help me!” and also quickly repenting of my sins and saying the Jesus prayer just to completely secure my salvation before I died :)

Every few seconds the wind would die for a moment and you could see the road. I saw an exit in Fergus Falls and took it.  I had never been to Fergus Falls before but I decided to try to find a coffee shop with wi-fi to check and see how long the storm would last.  Remember, this is Monday, so I am leading the Remedy, and at this time I think about 75 or 100 people were coming, so I really felt like I HAD to get there.

This is the Lord’s goodness to me.  Apart from the miracle that I didn’t die on the road, I totally found the CUTEST little coffee shop/cafe, and they had wi-fi, great coffee and sandwiches.  The people working there were nice to me, though I probably made their day awkward. I was stranded there for 8 hours. The storm wasn’t supposed to settle down much at all the whole day.

Second miracle. I am debating whether to enter the storm again while it is light, or trying to do it in the dark, which it may be calmer, yet harder to see.  I become very emotional because I am all alone and no one can help me and I seriously felt like I just escaped death, but then I had to go out and face it again.  I call this other girl named Rachel, she goes to Concordia too and she is my back up for worship for the Remedy.  I decided to call her and tell her that I didn’t think I was going to make it and she would have to lead. I give her a call, and she happily tells me that she is not in Fargo, but in Cambridge, MN, which is 3 and a half hours away from Fargo.  I am about to burst in tears at this point I think, because now I AND my ministry is stranded.  But here is when God takes care of me. Rachel’s dad is super awesome, and decided to drive her up to Fargo right then and there, and they stopped on the way in Fergus Falls to get me and we caravan the way back!! The storm was still terrible, but he drove behind me so in case anything happened to me he could immediately assist me.  Who does that?! Who looks out for me? That’s right – God.

So I make it back 2 hours before the Remedy. Basically I spent that two hours trying to calm down and restore myself, and praise God for keeping me alive.

Moral of super long story, he totally takes care of me while driving!

I was going to share even more stories, but this blog is now getting super long.

I really hope now though that after posting this I don’t get in an accident. That would be so lame.


What To Do In The Winter

Hey friends,

Well, if you live where I live, you are now encountering snow.  I am quite ecstatic, but I have noticed that most people are not.  So let’s try to change our spirits friends and realize all the things we can do in the winter!!

~ Sledding

~ Ice Skating

~ Skiing / Snowboarding

~ Shoveling

~  Tubing

~ Snowmobiling

~ Looking out the window at the pretty snow

~ Driving around looking at Christmas lights

~  Wear wool socks

~ Baking seems more acceptable

~ Also, playing games inside seems more fun

~ Snowball fight

~ Make a snow fort

~ Build a snowman

~ Make snow angels

~ Put up Christmas decorations

~ Not feel guilty by not going outside and spend many hours inside reading a book

~ Ice fishing

~ Walk through the snow and look at everything

And if all fails, make some hot chocolate, cuddle with your spouse if you are married, and watch something happy like A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Happy Snow Time friends.