The Desert

by rachelshane

So a random story has continually been on my mind from the Bible, so I thought I would blog about it.  It is from Matthew chapter 4, the story about Jesus going into the desert and is then tempted by the devil.  Very weird, never has been one of my favorites, but alas, I have been learning sweet things from it, so, here we go!

So the beginning verse is this.

Matthew 4:1-2 “Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.  After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, he was hungry.”

I always laugh at that part, and with sarcasm in my tone I am thinking, “no way, really?! Jesus is hungry after not eating for 40 days?”. Haha. So funny.  But hey, the Bible is not a stupid book for pointing out the obvious. It does in many other aspects of life, and people still don’t get it..

Anyways. So then I was thinking, “That’s it? after 40 days of being in the desert he isn’t tired or lonely or sick of sand, he is just, hungry?”

If this were me, this is how the verse would have gone:

And then Rachel was led by the spirit to the desert for 40 days, and then she died.

Or, Then Rachel was led by the spirit into the desert and lost her mind from loneliness and she was forced to live in a mental institution from a huge major breakdown that she had on day 2 in the desert.

Or, Rachel was led by the spirit into the desert for 40 days, and then Satan came to tempt her, but even though it was satan and she really hates him, she was glad to be able to talk to someone.

Okay that last one especially is a joke, but seriously, I look up to Jesus SO much more for being such a solid rock through that trial.  I would have clearly failed in some way or another.

I went away this weekend to this retreat center where I had my own little cabin, with no electricity or anything, and it was just me and my Bible and my journal and God.  It was good, and it was really difficult.  I got real lonely.  I had sweet times with the Lord, and then there were many times where I was like “Seriously I want to get out of here right now and go talk to someone”.  And I actually did leave early, but that was kind of for another reason. Anyways, I was alone for only a little over a day, and I was in such pain from being separated from other people. I felt guilty, because I thought I should be stronger, God and His presence should be enough for me. And it totally is.  I realized this weekend how much I still depend on this world, and that really stinks.  Anyways, Jesus was able to dominate in the desert, because he was not alone. He was with God, praying, and I don’t even get that because he must have been slightly talking to himself since he is God too, but really, between Him and the Father and the Spirit, he totally was able to be strong in the desert, and come against the greatest oppressor, and dominate Him.  And when I am in heaven, I will be in that completeness as he was, but while I am still here on earth, I just have to keep working towards being close to Him, and it is difficult at times.

Another thing to catch from this story  –  Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert.  He didn’t complain or get upset or refuse to go.  He didn’t sit and pout about where was his blessings.  The truth is, God brings us through deserts. He leads us into them.  Not because He finds joy in us being tormented, but because He knows we always come out stronger.  Towards the end of Jesus’s time in the desert He then was faced with the ultimate trial of rebuking Satan and he dominated. Jesus probably could have done it from day one, but I think sometimes God brings us through trials, because when the greater trial comes, we are then prepared.  But we cry and complain to get out of trials all the time! Oh the irony.

Anyways, that’s all for now.  I really love how much Jesus just dominates life.