by rachelshane

Something I have learned about myself since being home.

I sing a lot.  And it is based completely on my mood.  I actually never noticed this, my family has pointed it out. I am going through a tough season in life, working roughly 60 hours a week and each job is difficult and trying in its own way.  This has also greatly reduced my social life, which is so weird to get used to from being surrounded constantly by people in college, to having three jobs that have minimal social interaction.  I have hung out with friends twice since August (minus the time I went up to Fargo).  This may be part of the new life, being outside of college, but to say the least, it is a difficult transition.

Anyways, when I am home, I cannot stop singing. Why? Because I am happy to be home and not working. I am happy to see my family and have social interactions with them.  But seriously, I am constantly singing around them. I can’t stop it. My sister yells at me all the time to stop singing, so I do, but then I subconsciously slip back into singing somehow. If we are not talking or eating dinner, I am singing.

Ephesians 5: 19-20 says, “Speak to one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In this new season, I am really trying to push through every situation, giving praise to God.  And I just wanted to encourage anyone who may feel the same way.  God gives us an idea of how to get through this!  Maybe you are not a singer, but you can make melodies to the Lord in your heart, read scripture, and give thanks to Him for other things, or to see the beauty in your tough situation. He calls us to ALWAYS give Him thanks! Not sometimes, or when something good happens and we remember to thank Him. In two of my jobs that take up most of my time, I sing as much as I can in my mind or even out loud.  One time I got caught singing at my job at the hospital, and it was super awkward.  I was trying to find nurses to work that were not overtime, and I kept finding people who were overtime, so I was singing out loud “Yooou are oveeeertime” in a ridiculous melody over and over, and low and behold, someone was standing right next to me the whole time waiting for me to be quiet and ask me a question.  But for a better example, when I walk to get more water to drink, I start singing a worship song, and it really does lift up my heart in a tough job!  Singing helps me focus on God again, and thank Him for everything that He has done in my life, like giving me a job, and saving me from eternal death…He really is so good to us.

So, even though I sing quite often when I am happy, I am trying to transition to singing all the time, focusing on Him and giving Him thanks, in good or tough situations.

Or maybe I should work on saying scripture in my mind.  Not so embarrassing or annoying to others….