10 Reasons Why Fall Is Great

by rachelshane

1.  Sweaters.

Who hates sweaters? That’s right. No one.  I love sweaters and hoodies so much that I sleep in them from November – March.  And a little secret – around my house I love wearing a hoodie, throwing the hood up over my head, and pretending I am a great drummer while listening to music. Why yes, I am a dork.

2. Hot Liquid Beverages.

It feels simply wrong to drink hot beverages in the warm warm summer. But now it is perfect for the soul!!! Now starts my constant intake of throat coat tea since this is now the cold  (as in sickness) season.  I also recommend drinking this chai tea – it is really great.  And of course you should drink it in your Concordia College Alumni coffee cup. BREW it up baby ;) (you cobbers will get this).

3. Apple Orchards.

Apple orchards are so fun and great and fall-ish.

True story: Once I drove an hour to an apple orchard, and they were out of apples. Sad day. So I looked at their pumpkins.

4.  Change.

Fall is the kick-off for all programs, for school, sports, NSO orchestra.  I enjoy things getting out of the summer laze and coming back to life. The weather comforts with a calm-ness while things get busy. It is perfect.

5. Beautiful Leaves.

Who knew dying could look so beautiful? I love looking at the changing leaves.  Don’t miss it from being too busy. And enjoy the leaves on the ground.  You are never too old to play with leaves.

6. Gold Jewelry.

Most women prefer silver jewelry, but I really enjoy gold jewelry.  And gold jewelry looks better in the fall, so wear it.

7. Football Games.

Football is the most fun to watch and play in the fall, because that is when it happens.

8. Fall Retreats.

Church groups go on retreats in the fall. How great and perfect. This makes fall so much better.

9. The Air.

The air is cool and crisp.  I enjoy running and walking and being in this air.  It tastes fresh.

10. Plaid.

Plaid and flannel comes back into style. Amen.  This is my friend’s apartment and their three plaid couches. Awesome.

Also, fall means that we are closer to Christmas!!! :)