by rachelshane


1. College Town: There is three college campuses in a 3 mile radius, Concordia College, Moorhead State University, and North Dakota State University. Even though I went to a small college, I was able to meet SO many sweet people from other campuses, and there is always something going on somewhere for college students – always. Also, because it is a college town they have a 24 hour coffee shop where I attended often to study. So great. And nearly every restaurant had a college student discount. Score.

2. Chi Alpha: Coolest. Campus. Ministry. Ever. Hands down. I remember the first time I went to Chi Alpha; when you walk into the room, it is so filled with love. Strangers hug you when they meet you. Why? Because we are family. And then there is the greatest funnest purest worship ever. Just like 400 college students all together in one little room jumping and praising the King. And then there is a great message, which depending on who is preaching, either mentally challenges me or spiritually rips my heart out (those who go know what I am talking about). And then there is happy quiet time with just the Lord and yourself to reflect. And then everyone hugs you again and begs you to go out to Applebees for half off appetizers, but I went to Concordia so I had more homework then NDSU people so I never went ;) But seriously. God changed my life at Chi Alpha. What a sweet ministry. God changed my heart for Concordia while I was at Chi Alpha, and when worshiping there, God instructed me to start a worship service at Concordia. And then the Remedy happened and then a lot of people got saved.

3. First Assembly: This is the church I went to in Fargo. This church has become my home church in my heart. I miss it so. The worship at First Assembly is SO incredible. If you want to hear worship lead by the Spirit, go there. Scott Flaten, the worship pastor, taught me SO much about worship, and when you see/hear him lead worship, you can totally see that he is walking in his destiny. Plus, First Assembly writes half of the worship songs they play. And the songs they write are my favorite worship songs. And the church’s favorite worship songs. And the people there? Well that will be explained in point 4. God’s anointing is real thick at that church. They love God and are incredibly passionate about seeing Him move in the Fargo community. They are willing to do anything to see that happen.

4. The People: This is of course my favorite thing about Fargo. There is something different about Fargo people. They really try to live holy, passionate lives for Christ. I have never seen so much passion. And it is not only words, these people are SO good at loving others. The past two times I have visited I get overwhelmed by love, and not only because they miss me or something, but it is how they naturally act. Girls are always encouraging other girls. The guys protect the women and the men are so obviously spiritual leaders. Oh, and my Fargo friends are all about having healthy relationships with the opposite sex, which is awesome. Their lifestyles are so opposite from anything else I have seen. They are holy, set apart people. These people have pushed me in my faith SO much, in good way. I miss my friends, I miss my family.

5. Revival: People in Fargo pray and fast and serve and a strong revival has been sweeping Fargo/Moorhead. It is what increased Chi Alpha like 300 students in one year, and started a new ministry at Concordia and had it grow to 125+ in one year. It is continually seeing people saved, healed, and spiritual gifts coming forth out of everyone. I have seen Revival. I now desire and am praying for that to come to Blaine, MN.

So there it is. Fargo. How I love thee. But obviously, one can tell that I love Fargo so much because I see God so visibly there. And that is why I was able to leave. Because the God in Fargo is the same God in Blaine. He can do the same things here as He is doing there. And I am praying He does.

But if He ever calls me back to Fargo, I would return oh so happily…

p.s. No, Fargo is not a frozen tundra. But you do have to wear cuddle duds for about 3 months of the year :)