by rachelshane

I am attending and now currently work at a brand new church in Blaine, MN, and I really, really, REALLY like this church.

So, I am going to write a happy little blog about why I love it so much and why if you are in the Blaine area you should go.

1. This church has a sweet name.

Renovation is a long cool word for “change” or “repair” or “restore to good condition”. The unique thing about this church, unlike many, is that its name is actually the main theme in the mission of the church.

2. This church has a sweet mission.

If you didn’t know, churches have mission statements and doctrinal statements, and many different things. I like all of these things about my church, but I especially like the mission statement. There mission is “To be a people being changed by God to change the world”. Then they break it down, to be a people (community) being changed by God (encountering God) to change the world (bringing forth the gospel in into our community and the world).

3. This church has a sweet pastor.

Yes, I may be biased because I have known David Sorn for about 7 or 8 years now, but David is a smart, gifted man of God, and clearly his calling in life is to be a pastor of a church. He directs the church around the mission, and everything done in this church is so well thought out and prayed upon. Plus, I have probably heard David Sorn speak about 300 times (totally a guess, but it is a lot), and I have yet to hear a sermon I have not completely enjoyed. Honestly.

4. This church has sweet worship.

Zach Foty is one of the most unique worship leaders I have ever played with. He is one of the most humble people musicians I know, and yet EXTREMELY musically creative, which comes forth clearly through worship at Renovation. Zach has high standards for the worship team and pushes the band to produce our best for the glory of God. I am amazed by Zach’s ability to take (in my opinion) and older worship song, and then create it to be something completely new to even me, and I struggle to play a song that I thought I knew so well. This is a fun challenge, and has brought forth a new excitement for me in worship and music in general. (And I am not saying that we play old worship music, all the worship music we play is new, I just basically only listen to worship music so new music is old to me (yes I am strange) ).

5. This church is simple.

Last summer I read a book called “Simple Church”. It is a great book if you are into ministry, and it changed the ministry I started at Concordia called The Remedy. When I think about that book, and what they said would be the set up for a successful church, I think that Renovation Church would be a perfect example. It is a simple church that consists of Sunday morning worship, house groups, and a youth group. That’s it. Through this simple setup, the church does not spend time on programs that don’t help accomplish the mission of the church. People are encountering God and growing in his word on Sunday mornings, house groups help develop community, develop their personal relationships with God, and through house groups they go out into the community and do service projects. The youth group does the same thing, only for the youth. Also, another cool thing, the house groups are multi-generational, which I think most church groups try not to do, but people have responded incredibly well, and it provides different generations to learn from one another. This is cool.

6. This church has sweet people.

Last weekend Renovation had an “All Church Party”. I went to it, and was incredibly bummed that I was obligated to leave early. The people at Renovation are SO amazing and cool and if I could have it my way, I would be super close friends with all of them. For the most part, it is a young church with the majority of people being in their twenties, but there are some older and younger people as well. My amount of friends older than 30 has increased dramatically since I have started attending this church. And soon, I hope to know all the youth really well.

7. I am the youth leader at this church.

I am starting and leading the youth group for 6-12 graders. As I plan this, I am getting more excited for September 22 (our launch day) to come! I am sure I will blog about the youth group when it starts, but for now it has just been a lot of planning and praying.

Basically, my church is awesome. Please come check it out, or at least check out the website and maybe watch a sermon or two.

Go change the world.