The Big Move

by rachelshane

Hello everyone!

This is my very first blog post, (how exciting!), so I would like to talk a little bit about what God has taught me with a huge change in my life.

I will first share some details about what lead me to where I am now.

I started a relationship with Jesus when I was in 7th grade.  Since then I have been very passionate about God, but I led a very hypocritical life, not giving Him control over a many aspects in my life.  Throughout high school I was a leader in the church, but many of my actions in certain areas of my life did not reflect a life devoted to following Christ.  I ended up graduating and moving to go to Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.  This is probably the second greatest thing that has ever happened to me, below getting saved.   Through the years of being in Moorhead and eventually living in Fargo, God taught me SO MUCH, which I am sure will come up in other blog posts, but not this one :)

I was blessed unmeasurably in Fargo.  I had met the most incredible people that exist, my friendships were healthy and solid, I had a fun job, and PLENTY of sweet privileges for doing ministry.  I had a few astounding mentors pouring so much into me, along with an amazing church sharing with me wisdom and helping refine the gifts the Lord has given me.  Basically, I could not ask for more.

But, I for some reason set up my life to be able to graduate from college two years early.  I don’t recommend this to anyone, unless you are going to a private college like I was, and have to pay for college by yourself like I do.  But even if that is the situation for you, I still don’t recommend graduating two years early.  College is too fun.

Anyways, upon much praying, and crying, I felt the Lord calling me to leave Fargo.

To go where? Back home?? Where I have very few friends, no ministry opportunities, mentors are far away, and I am once again living with my parents. (um, no thanks).

Some options that ran threw my mind:

Somewhere super cool!
I actually thought I was going to move to the other side of the country and go to seminary, but the Lord very kindly shut that door. Maybe for another year.

Grad school!
I LOVE learning, but I for some reason have no desire for grad school, and loans basically freak me out, so I am working to pay them off as soon as possible.

So, through more prayer and crying, home was the plan.

So, I moved from Fargo in the middle of May. Before I left, I was offered a free place to stay in Fargo, and my career counselor found the perfect job for me, but alas, I still felt it so urgent upon my heart that I had to move.  I prayed that it was only for the summer, and then in the fall I could come back to Fargo, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t be true.

The first week back home was so terrible.  I feel so bad for my parents.  I think I referred to Fargo about 30 times a day.  Home could have been a whole different country, everything was so opposite to me.  People in Fargo and people in the suburbs of Minneapolis are SO different, at least, the crowds I hung out with.  After going through a culture shock, (I know, you may be snickering, but I have talked to people who lived in Fargo and moved back, and they say everything I went through is completely normal and legit), I calmed down, went back to the secret place and sought the Lord for hours a day, praying that His will for bringing me back home would be made known.

Friends, the Lord is faithful!!!

I am attending a brand new church in Blaine, Minnesota, called Renovation Church (I highly recommend checking it out!!). I asked to meet with the pastor of the church, who used to be my youth pastor in high school, and was ready to ask him how I can get involved in the church.  I had prayed and “studied” the church on my own (tried to figure out the church by their website, which is ) and tried to find little places where I could serve.

The pastor had been praying where to place me as well, and asked me to pray about starting the youth group for 6-12th graders for the church.
That proposal was much larger than anything I had come up with. Obviously I was incredibly excited upon the offer, starting new ministries is totally my thing, but I promised I would go home and earnestly seek the Lord and see if this is what He wanted.

After much prayer, I felt led to be part of this church and help out with the youth… so I am helping start a youth group at Renovation Church.  EXCITING!!!

I am excited to work with students, but for a while, (and still a little bit now) it was a difficult transition in my heart.  For the past two years, my heart has been so engrossed with college and worship ministry, that it is hard to turn my head in a new direction. I do hope that I can do college ministry again, and be as involved in worship ministry as I was in Fargo once again, but the Lord has spoken that now is not the season.

Luke 9:62 Jesus says, “No one who puts his hands to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.”

Fire-y words that convicted my heart!! The Lord blessed my time and ministry in Fargo, but He has called me to a new place and a new ministry.  Everything that happened in Fargo/Moorhead was because of Him, and I can’t keep looking back, wishing that I was leading the things I did.  The things I led was a privilege and a blessing, and it is over, and time to move on. The Lord has blessed me with many new opportunities to serve Him, and I am so excited about that.

I am trying to train my heart to not look back on Fargo and wishing I was there, but looking back and only seeing the Lord’s faithfulness, and taking what I learned from there and thrusting it into my future ministry and life.  I don’t want to play the “what if” game, wondering what my life would be like if I would have stayed.  I didn’t. My future and ministry is obviously completely altered.  I trust and know it is all part of His beautiful plan for me.